Aircraft Mechanic Job Description

May 16, 2013

Aircraft Mechanic Job Description: What You Should Really Know

What encompasses the Aircraft Mechanic Job Description? A lot of passengers never really see the men and women behind the operations. Being an aircraft mechanic plays an essential role in making sure that the aircraft that they are using is in tip top condition. Each man and woman plays an integral part in the overall function of the plane. Aspiring candidates should really fully understand what entails in an Aircraft Mechanic Job Description.


As part of the Aircraft Mechanic Job Description, the competency and knowledge required plays an important role. As an aspiring candidate for the job, going to school, going through all of the trainings, acquiring the knowledge and skill and being certified tops the list. No shortcuts. To get into the game, one should go through the process. Choose a good, if not great school for a start. Once in school, gather as much knowledge that you can handle. Ask questions, be pro active. Hands on training is a must for you. Gather know knowledge from people who have the experience in your field. All of this will sum in the Aircraft Mechanic Job Description. Trainings, seminars and the much awaited FCC and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Certification will all be highly considered once you venture out in the real world.

What it entails:

Part of the Aircraft Mechanic Job Description is that he maintains the safety of the crew and passengers. He also needs to make sure that the aircraft is in top form. He checks, double checks and triple check the entire vessel for any discrepancy in the machine and over all body of the plane. He coordinates with the captain and his crew, in making sure that there are no faulty devices or lighting or any unwanted sound that the ship might elicit.

All of this falls on the knowledge of the aircraft mechanic, since this is his topmost responsibility. Keeping abreast with the latest technology, make and model of the plane and going back to the basic should be integrated since safety is essential.


As part of Aircraft Mechanic Job Description, he or she should make daily reports on the state of the plane. Whether there are any problems that should be reported or none, all should be noted. From the smallest to the biggest details all should be noted. This is for the safety of the vessel and the people who are on board. Nothing should escape the attention of the aircraft mechanic. This is another integral part of the Aircraft Mechanic Job Description.


Along with the surge of technology, a part of the Aircraft Mechanic Job Description is that he should be abreast with what is new in technology. Aircrafts are developed, redeveloped and redesigned with such speed that aircraft mechanics should be in line with whatever is new. They combine old school with being a “tech-y” since the surge of technology is really fast. Keep the old and learn the new.

Refresher courses and training and re-training are imperative to keep abreast with what is new and what is needed. A machine with over a thousand moving parts and carries more than a hundred lives should be taken cared of a person who knows the machine inside and out.

The Long List

All in all, the list is really long when it comes to the Aircraft Mechanic Job Description. It is not an easy job. But if the aircraft mechanic has the passion for his craft, the job is relatively easy. Just like with any career, if you love what you do, you will be effective and efficient. In the blink of an eye, you can handle the situation without much fuss.

With the improvement of the economy, more and more people are wanted to fill in these big should. The interests of many are sparked because of the great perks and good pay that they position entails. Still, a real interest and passion is greatly valued since this is not a job for the faint of heart. You need a quick mind and nerves of steel in dealing with aircrafts of all sizes and make.

It really is an interesting career once you verge into it. It will take you places and let you deal with situations that a chosen few can only dream of. Many are the days when all is well, but then there are days when one trouble after another comes up. For the challenge hungry individual, this is up to their alley. Again, this job is not for the faint of heart. Problem solving varies from the simple to the complex. But then at the end of the day, once you see that plane take off, you know that you, as an aircraft mechanic, working with the many talented people on your team, accomplished something grand. Long is the list for the Aircraft Mechanic Job Description, but it really is one of the greatest jobs one can be in.

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